Hello, we´re Comunin

Our mission is to create smart software to personalize optimal care in all phases of the cancer patient journey aiming for value-based and sustainable healthcare.
Harnessing experience from clinical medicine, research and digital health.

What we do

We make ready-to-launch digital solutions to capture real-world health data and support patients in their daily lives.
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Value for patients

I can learn more about my condition and take an active part in my treatment.
  • Empowerment

    Targeted information at the right time, self-management and optimal lifestyle support.
  • Meaningful communication

    On-demand communication with the care team and digital data-sharing improving consultations.
  • Improved outcomes and experiences

    Personalised treatment and interventions minimizing adverse events and improving health outcomes and experiences.

Value for clinics

  • Understanding patients needs

    Visualize real-time patient data to optimize clinical decision-making, securing valuable use of hospital resources and capacity
  • Increasing patient involvement

    Empower patients to withstand forthcoming stressors and release the potential within patients to engage in their own health
  • Improving workflows and quality of care

    Continuously tailor treatment plans, increasing adherence and securing timely intervention based on patient reports
With this platform I can get a deeper insight into the needs of my patients

Value for science

  • Real-time data
    Timely and accurate intervention and more accurate date visualisation can increase efficacy of care. Enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life by evaluate safety profile and effectiveness of treatments.
  • Deeper insight
    Visual overview of inserted data by patients. More personalised and data-driven assessments with anonymised data on symptoms of their treatment.
  • Better patient engagement
    Increase engagement trough timely and targeted exchange of information. Securing patient engaged and treatment adherence through the whole patient journey, with their smartphones.

Connected partners

At Comunin, we will together with our partners bring value to the health ecosystems. Succeeding in value-based cancer care requires coordination and a shared mission to put the patient at the center of their care.
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